Meet the Team

Profile-Stephen-CheneryStephen Chenery – Director & Owner since 2005
Responsibility: General Management of Business, MC to Sporting Dinners, Quiz Master on occasions.
Experience: 4 Years for Balls Brothers in London, 3 Years for Chelsea Football Club, 3 Years for Bluebird in Chelsea, 6 Years in San Francisco.
If I won the lottery: Take a box at all major sporting venues in the world.
Who would play me in a film: Hugh Grant

Profile-Gunta-LejnieceGunta Lejniece – Assistant Manager
Responsibility: Make sure the restaurant is ready for you guys to have a nice glass of wine
Experience: 12 years experience in hospitality. Last 4 in Steam Wine Bar.
If I won the lottery: I would build more schools in Latvia
Who would play me in a film: Megan Fox