Race Nights, Music Nights & General Events

The diversity of the venue allows us the ability to bring you many different styles of events

Race Night

Host something a little different. A race night includes six thrilling races with full running commentary and managed and organised by us. Form guides for all the races and great odds on thrilling races with close finishes. Each person receives play money and we organise a bookmaker to take the bets. All the fun and thrills of going to the actual races without the worry of losing money!

Music Night

We have had several bands play here and our raised bar area is the perfect platform for them to perform. With low ceilings across the venue the sound travels really well. Ideal for a 3 or 4 piece band looking for some exposure.

Other Event Styles

Other event styles to consider are wine tastings, cocktail classes or an event we a guest sporting speaker which we can organise.