Membership Offers

‘Sporting Event Offers’

From time to time we are able to offer Reduced Ticket Prices for Members on our Sporting Lunches and Dinners. Please enquire as to what we have as this does change on a regular basis


Dare we say that Xmas is not that far away, and after the high hopes we had before the plug was pulled last year, we are looking forward to celebrating 2021 in style. If you fancy Lunch or even to join one of our Dinner Disco’s evenings with your team or friends, then the following offers are open to you (and your team or friends) as a Member:

Xmas 3 Course Lunch with a Glass of Prosecco £32.50 Per Person. View Xmas Lunch Menu.
Xmas Dinner & Disco with a Glass of Prosecco £37.50 Per Person. View Xmas Dinner Disco Menu.


Whilst we would never endeavour to enquire of your age, if you would give us the Day and Month (not the year) of your Birthday, we will drop you a line a few weeks prior inviting you in to have a bottle of wine or prosecco on us, selected by Stephen in a time frame that suits you.


From time to time we will host a Members Drinks Reception where it will be your chance to chat with other Members, network, and have a glass of something with us.


If there is anything we can help you with, whether it be a reservation, a request for a table for a Sports Lunch or Dinner, or a general enquiry, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

 Email for all enquiries to